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2019 Maryland Million Matchmaking Stallions


Stallion Stallion Operation 2019 Race
Force the Pass Wasabi Ventures Lassie
Street Magician R. Larry Johnson Lassie
Outflanker Shamrock Farm Nursery
Super Ninety Nine Country Life Nursery
Baltimore Bob Shamrock Farm Sprint
Barbados Shamrock Farm Sprint
Mosler Country Life Distaff
Divining Rod Country Life Distaff
Blofeld Murmur Farm Ladies
Hangover Kid Murmur Farm Ladies
Long River Anchor & Hope Farm Turf
Holy Boss Anchor & Hope Farm Turf
Irish War Cry Northview Stallion Station Classic
Madefromlucky Northview Stallion Station Classic

The owner AND breeder of the winner of designated races are eligible to select a breeding to one of the two stallions named on that designated race.

No preference is given to the owner or breeder, so it is possible that both the owner and breeder will select the same stallion.

The seasons are offered no-guarantee and require that the selected mare be suitable for breeding.The seasons are not for resale and are non-transferable.

It will be up to the stallion owner/manager to contact the winning owner and breeder after Maryland Million Day and give them a deadline for their selection.

Questions? Contact the Maryland Million office at (410) 252-2100.