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Maryland Million watch: July 28 to August 29

 See which horses might aim for Jim McKay Maryland Million Day, October 22, 2016 at Laurel Park.

Stakes horses

BEN’S CAT (g, 10, Parker’s Storm Cat—Twofox, by Thirty Eight Paces; O-The Jim Stable): 3rd $75,000 MISTER DIZ S, Laurel Park, 8/20.

GREATBULLSOFFIRE (c, 2, Bullsbay—Great Hostess, by Great Notion; O-Kathleen Willier): 1st $50,000 STRIKE YOUR COLORS S, Delaware Park, 8/4.

JUST JACK (g, 3, Great Notion—Mark Me Special, by Haymaker; O-Michael J. Harrison): 2nd $75,000 MISTER DIZ S, Laurel Park, 8/20.

LOVABLE LADY (m, 5, Not For Love—Summer Notebook, by Notebook; O-Samuel H. Rogers Jr. Trust): 1st $75,000 JAMEELA S, Laurel Park, 8/20.

MONSTER SLEEPING (m, 7, Oratory—Bold Questor, by Norquestor; O-Charles J. Reed): 3rd $75,000 JAMEELA S, Laurel Park, 8/20.

SPEED IS LIFE (g, 5, Scipion—Classic Threat, by Regal Classic; O-Ez-Az Thoroughbreds LLP): 1st $60,000 WALLY’S CHOICE MINNESOTA CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP S, Canterbury Park, 8/21.


Allowance horses

BILLYGETS ARRESTED (m, 5, Louis Quatorze—Monette, by Not For Love; O-Parapet Stable): 2nd Parx Racing, 9th race, 8/2.

CHAPEL OF CHIMES (f, 3, Etched—Really Rahy, by Real Quiet; O-Sajor Stable): 2nd Penn National, 5th race, 8/19.

CHEROKEE COLOURS (h, 6, Cherokee’s Boy—Perfect Colours, by Accelerator; O-Harriet J. Harvatt): 3rd Parx Racing, 11th race, 8/2.

CHESAPEAKE SPRING (f, 4, Bullsbay—Alvinia, by Horatius; O-Eric Singer): 3rd Delaware Park, 7th race, 8/17.

COMPLETE ST. (m, 6, St Averil—Complete Number, by Polish Numbers; O-Harlan Crossman): 2nd Suffolk Downs, 8th race, 8/7.

CORVUS (g, 3, Dance With Ravens—Tanca, by Polish Numbers; O-Wayne Harrison, Robert Manfuso and K.M. Voss): 1st Laurel Park, 9th race, 8/20.

CULMINATING (f, 4, Not For Love—Portobello Belle, by Hansel; O-Jeffrey S. Englehart): 1st Finger Lakes, 8th race, 8/3.

DOTHAT DANCE (g, 3, Louis Quatorze—Guess the Dance, by Austin Powers-Ire; O-Charisma Stable LLC): 3rd Laurel Park, 9th race, 8/6.

EASY RIVER (c, 3, Not For Love—Potomac Bend, by Polish Numbers; O-Kathleen Willier): 3rd Laurel Park, 9th race, 8/21.

EDISTO BAY (c, 4, Bullsbay—Immune to Gloom, by Citidancer; O-Bran Jam Stable and David W. Clark): 2nd Parx Racing, 10th race, 8/9.

EUTAW STREET (g, 4, Great Notion—Ridden Out, by Makin; O-Fairview Farm [E H Walters]): 1st Charles Town, 9th race, 8/27.

FEARTHEFALCON (g, 5, Not For Love—Heavenly Empress, by Pure Prize; O-Steve Klesaris): 3rd Saratoga, 3rd race, 8/6.

FIRE CONTROL (g, 3, Friesan Fire—Go Navy, by Silver Ghost; O-Coleswood Farm Inc. and H. Neil Glasser): 3rd Charles Town, 9th race, 8/11.

GROOVY DANCER (m, 5, Dance With Ravens—Be Groovy, by Groovy; O-Janet Polachek): 1st Monmouth Park, 7th race, 8/28.

HERE’S TO MIKE (g, 5, Go for Gin—High Flying Flag, by Our Emblem; O-Jonathan Brown): 1st Monmouth Park, 5th race, 8/19.

JACKY’S NOTION (f, 3, Great Notion—Jacky Juice, by Friends Lake; O-John A. Casey): 2nd Charles Town, 7th race, 8/12.

JOSEPH (g, 4, Lion Hearted—High Hill, by Disco Rico; O-J.W.Y. Martin Jr.): 2nd Laurel Park, 8th race, 8/13.

LAY DOWN THE LAW (g, 3, Not For Love—Amber Comet, by Amerrico’s Bullet; O-The Elkstone Group LLC): 2nd Penn National, 6th race, 8/26.

LORD OF LOVE (g, 7, Not For Love—Lady Bi Bi, by Lord Avie; O-GeeZee Stable): 2nd Saratoga, 7th race, 8/17.

MAGICIAN’S VANITY (f, 4, Street Magician—So Vain, by Mr. Greeley; O-R. Larry Johnson): 2nd Laurel Park, 5th race, 8/20.

MAKE YOUR POINT (m, 5, Not For Love—Tequila and Run, by Storm Broker; O-Michael T. Sabine): 3rd Finger Lakes, 6th race, 8/4.

NICARADALIC ROCKS (g, 3, Rock Slide—Letmeaskuaquestion, by Outflanker; O-T D C B E Stable): 2nd Laurel Park, 9th race, 8/20.

NO BULL ADDICTION (g, 4, Bullsbay—In the Crease, by Mr. Zill Bear; O-Drift Rock Farm): 2nd Laurel Park, 7th race, 8/20.

NORTHERN SMILE (m, 5, Outflanker—A Queen’s Smile, by Ops Smile; O-The Elkstone Group LLC): 1st Delaware Park, 8th race, 8/18.

PAULINE’S PRIDE (m, 5, Dance With Ravens—Pauline’s Prospect, by Allen’s Prospect; O-Estate of Gretchen B. Mobberley): 3rd Laurel Park, 5th race, 8/20.

PINKOUT (f, 4, Outflanker—Pink Tights, by Let Goodtimes Roll; O-Kathleen Willier): 2nd Monmouth Park, 8th race, 8/5.

SCIP’S SONATA (m, 6, Scipion—Sonata-GB, by Polish Precedent; O-C J Racing): 1st Laurel Park, 8th race, 8/12.

SHE ROLLS (f, 3, Friesan Fire—Manastashdash, by Seeking Daylight; O-Sandy Valley Farms): 2nd Laurel Park, 3rd race, 8/20.

SMOOTH TALKIN TOM (g, 4, Oratory—Go Steady, by Allen’s Prospect; O-Tom Ryan): 3rd Monmouth Park, 7th race, 8/21.

SPARTIANOS (g, 4, Not For Love—Lizzie’s Legend, by City Zip; O-Nick Sanna Stables LLC and Two Legends Farm): 1st Laurel Park, 8th race, 8/13.

SPEED IS LIFE (g, 5, Scipion—Classic Threat, by Regal Classic; O-Ez-Az Thoroughbreds LLP): 3rd Canterbury Park, 4th race, 8/5.

SWEETEST MEMORY (f, 3, Outflanker—Bounce, by Two Punch; O-Grams Racing Stable LLC): 2nd Charles Town, 7th race, 8/4.

TAKE IT INSIDE (m, 7, Disco Rico—Deer Berry, by Deerhound; O-Steeplechase Farm): 3rd Suffolk Downs, 5th race, 8/6.

THREESKILLS (g, 3, Not For Love—J B of the Sea, by Scarlet Ibis; O-Happy Face Racing Stable): 2nd Finger Lakes, 8th race, 8/16.

UNBRIDLED LION (g, 4, Lion Hearted—Lucky Bridle, by Unbridled Jet; O-JoAnn Smith): 1st Laurel Park, 7th race, 8/5.

VICTORIOUS HEART (f, 4, Lion Hearted—Silver Cub, by City Zip; O-Nancy L. Terhune): 3rd Charles Town, 8th race, 8/20.

WOWWHATABRAT (f, 4, Louis Quatorze—Kim the Brat, by Smart Strike; O-John E. Worsley): 1st Laurel Park, 3rd race, 8/20.


2-year-old maiden winners

BROOK’S ON FIRE (f, Friesan Fire—Spawning Brook by Montbrook): Delaware Park, 8/3.

DIAMOND DOLLAR (f, Not For Love—Ruby Rubles, by Scarlet Ibis): Presque Isle Downs, 8/11.

RAVENOUS LOVER (f, Dance With Ravens—Spiteful Love, by Not For Love): Penn National, 8/10.

SOMMER SOMETHING (f, Etched—Bay of Bengal, by Rakeen): Timonium, 8/26.

UNRIDEABULL (g, Bullsbay—And Nobody Knows, by Colonial Affair): Charles Town, 8/27.